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Zsiska Schippers


Siska Schippers was born in Amsterdam and worked as a European gold and silversmith before she decided to make hand made resin jewellery, home devote, and gifts under the ZSISKA brand. She decided to move to Thailand in the 90’s to further study the materials being used. Zsiska started to work with resin in a studio  in Cha-Am, a small town two hours south of Bangkok, where she employed fourteen women.  It took several years to get used to resin, the team learned to master the material threw trial and error.  The 14 women with whom Zsiska started the company still work for ZSISKA today. Most of the family members and children joined the company in a later stage.

ZSISKA has become an international brand. The small studio in Cha-Am and now employs nearly 100 people.  Siska still manages the design team and continues making inspiring and beautiful jewellery.